After an initial meeting, a written proposal is produced setting out the needs and wishes of the client, together with any of the designer's recommendations.

If you are happy with the proposal for the design, the next stage is the survey. This consists of taking accurate measurements, making sketches, assessing levels, taking soil samples, taking photographs, noting and logging existing plants and trees etc. For larger projects the services of a surveyor may have to be engaged. The cost of this is to be paid directly to the surveyor. From these details, a site plan is drawn up. This is a simple scale drawing of the existing garden.

Rough sketch ideas are then produced. These are discussed with the client and suggestions regarding hard landscaping, features, soil preparation, planting and various other aspects are made. Ideas regarding the overall plan are discussed at this stage and amendments made if necessary.

The next step is the Finished Plan, which shows the client exactly how the garden will look. This is sometimes supplemented with other drawings and photographs to show the client colours, details etc.

After the Finished Plan has been approved, quotes will be obtained from recommended contractors. The cost of construction work will depend on the scale and complexity of the design. There is no obligation to have more work carried out than you feel you need.
Sometimes further drawings will be required for the contractor to build particular features.

A Planting Plan is then drawn up showing precise numbers of plants and their location.

If required, the designer will oversee all construction work through to completion of the project. All plants can be supplied and planted and a one-off Maintenance Plan produced. Further maintenance of the garden can be arranged if necessary.

The project can be taken to any stage of the process that the client wishes, even to simply supplying rough sketch plans.